Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The New Mexico CASA Network Announces its New Web Site

New Mexico CASA has a new website!

The New Mexico CASA Network (NM CASA) is a separate CASA organization that exists solely to organize the statewide network of 16CASA programs in 22 communities across New Mexico; to offer support, networking and training opportunities to those 16 local CASA programs; and to help broadcast the mission of CASA to as many people as possible. You can learn more about the other CASA programs in New Mexico and about the statewide NM CASA Network when you check out the new NM CASA website at

Ellen Genne, Program Director, says, "We invite you to visit the new New Mexico CASA Network website! We are so excited to unveil the public side of this new website and to see it begin educating people about the important advocacy work being done by our CASA programs throughout New Mexico! Visit us at!"

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