Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Report Indicates that Fifteen Percent of New Mexicans are Likely to Be Raped

Department of Health Supports Sexual Assault Prevention Activities

(SANTA FE) – The New Mexico Department of Health reported today that 15 percent of New Mexicans are likely be raped at some point in their lifetime. It was reported in the Sex Crime Trends in New Mexico during 2005 through 2009, that one in four women and one in 20 men are likely to be raped during their lifetime. The data was provided by the Survey of Violence Victimization in New Mexico. Public agencies and community organizations are joining together to raise awareness about the importance of preventing sexual violence in New Mexico. They are sponsoring a variety of activities throughout the state during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April.

New Mexico sexual assault statistics:
• The number of reported criminal sexual penetration crimes has increased each year from 1,337 in 2006 to 1,408 in 2009.
• The vast majority of rapes against both women and men remain unreported to police or sexual violence support organizations. In 2009, only 1 in 9.5 adult rapes came to the attention of law enforcement.
• Victims of sexual violence are overwhelmingly female (86 percent rape victims and 78 percent victims of non-penetration sex crimes).
• Almost one-third (31%) of rape victims and 29 percent of victims of non-penetration sex crimes are victimized before age twelve. Another 30 percent of rape victims and 32 percent of victims of non-penetration crimes are victimized before age eighteen.
• More than half (57%) of sexual assault victims were victims of a prior sexual assault.
• Almost two-thirds (60%) of prior assault victims were victimized by age twelve and 85 percent of these were victims of on-going sexual abuse.
• More than half of survivors and two-thirds of offenders had a history of domestic violence.

Reports on sexual assault and domestic violence in New Mexico can be found on the Office of Injury Prevention website: and on the NM Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs website at:

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