Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emma and Tasha in Therapy Dog Training

Natasha Sing (we call her Tasha) is in Santa Fe this week getting intensive dog handler training with Emma, our new Therapy/Courthouse Dog. She wrote and sent pictures:

Just wanted to let everyone know what Emma and I are up to. Tomorrow we have class at the mall and at Santa Fe Bar and Grill to try out our commands and behaviors in public. Emma is a great team mate and she is doing a wonderful job of training me! I cannot wait to tell you guys all about the experiences and share all the interesting and informative things I have learned about these incredible dogs that are being trained here. Our class is very small with only three other handlers and dogs. Emma has the focus of a business lady as we work together from nine in the morning till five in the afternoon. We spend our evenings resting and doing some bonding experiences so that we can pass our Assistance Dogs International test next month and make the rest of our CASA team proud!
Tasha and Emma

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