Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a Dog Party!

Meet Emma, CASA's Therapy and Courthouse Dog, for a Dog Shower November 4th

Chaves County CASA is proud to announce the addition of a new staff member, Emma the CASA Dog. Emma is a Therapy/Courthouse dog that has been trained by the Assistance Dogs of the West in Santa Fe. We are excited about the numerous opportunities that Emma brings to traumatized children served by our program.

Emma has been trained to serve CASA children in two ways: as a therapy dog with CASA during visitation and as a courthouse dog helping children testify in court.

Please join us for cake on November 4th at 11:30 in the CASA office as we welcome Emma and shower her with gifts.
Emma's Wish List:
  • Dog beds for home and work
  • Collapsible dog crate
  • Recreational toys like ball and tug toys
  • Plush toys are her very favorite thing (stuffed animal toys)
  • Basket for her toys
  • Bowls and mats
  • Natural treats (no rawhide please, they contain formaldehyde)
  • Grooming mitt
  • Soft brushes for our CASA kids to use on Emma (really calms down a traumatized child)
  • Freshening spray (for in-between grooming)
  • Furminator products (ooh, that Golden Retriever hair can be something else)
  • All natural dog wipes
  • Dental chewing products
  • Doggy Doo Bags (but Emma toilets on command - very cool)
  • Retractable leash
  • Bandanas for every season
  • Freezer for the hamburger meat that has been donated
  • Preference dog food additive

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